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 HOOK, james benjamin, captain hook | g. fedrizzi | Cierra
james hook
 Posted: Apr 3 2015, 03:59 PM
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Peter Pan
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james b. hook

James Benjamin Hook


Hook, Jay, Hooker (the latter if someone wants to make him mad.)

canon character:
Captain Hook

Peter Pan

blood status:

member group:
Hogwarts Staff

History of Magic teacher

Pine wood, dragon heartstring, 12 inches.

Snow Leopard

face claim:
Gui Fedrizzi

James has never really been “in love,” or at least he doesn't really know what it feels like. He secretly wants to understand and feel love, but he’s always simply let passion be his drive.

James may or may not have a child somewhere…but he never stayed long enough to ask.

James Hook is an extremely intelligent man. He’s smart when it comes to life more than so the books. He’s seen many stages and he wouldn’t change his experiences for the world. It isn’t hard for James to get into someone’s head and manipulate them into thinking or doing what he wants. He can fool someone or put on an act to get out of most of the messes he’s made. He’ll be the first to piss someone off, but James enjoys that. He likes to play before he really attacks. Sarcasm usually gets James into trouble, both good and bad. He has a brutal sense of humor and likes to play games with the minds of others.

Ladies are definitely a distraction for James – maybe even his greatest weakness. He loves women, especially brunettes. Although he’s never been in love, James has had many flings and one-nighters in his time (probably more than he can really count). It is preferred that there are “no strings attached.” He tends to stay away from “love,” since it failed so easily for most that he knows. He hasn’t felt love since his father died and he’s secretly afraid of being let down, so he’s never really tried. But, when James really likes a woman, he’s overly passionate about the relations. He prefers to keep his sex life private, but he isn’t afraid to be spontaneous, either.

When it comes to anger, James has a serious problem. He’s extremely hot tempered, allowing the smallest things to set him off. He especially reacts to his authority being questioned. He takes great offense to anyone who seems like they doubt him. James wants to be on top – he wants to be important to people, not only for the good of his name, but for the pleasure of his ego. James is utterly full of himself, and believes that he’s more important than everyone else. He’s a very handsome man, and he knows it, often putting himself on a pedestal. He’ll lie and cheat to get what he wants if that’s what it takes. He isn’t remotely close to an honest man. James isn’t one to play by the books. He hates following rules, which is why he often prefers to be in charge. For James, there is nothing worse than being under someone’s boot, obeying their commands. He’d rather sit at home and do nothing than answer to anyone.

Some traits are simply natural, and for James, that is leading. He was born a leader. He didn’t have to learn how to command his ship; he figured that out on his own. James has a natural presence that demands respect when he’s in charge.

James doesn’t exactly have too many people that he cares about, but his love for them often clouds his judgment. He tends to make rash decisions or say something he shouldn’t when he’s trying to protect someone that he cares about. He doesn’t remember seeing real love, so he doesn’t know how to protect anyone without starting an argument or a fight. He may only have one strong hand, but that doesn’t mean that James can’t fight – wand or no wand.

Franklin Hook, a muggle from England, had always been rich – he had been born into money, and he would surely die with more than he could possibly spend. But money wasn’t everything. Against his conservative, controlling parents’ wishes, Franklin defied the odds, seeking much more than the norm. He wanted love, romance, and passion. When he met Delaina Evermore, a pureblood Ravenclaw witch, his heart jumped for her almost instantaneously. She had little money, but she was one of the smartest women that Franklin had ever met. Unfortunately, wits meant nothing to Franklin’s parents. Therefore, Franklin gathered his belongings and moved away right after graduating high school. A week later, he married Delaina. Love was all that he needed.

The Hooks resided in London for the remainder of their lives. A month after marriage, Franklin went off to join the Royal Navy, where he’d spent the next 13 years, eventually becoming an Officer. Three years after marriage, Delaina got pregnant with their first and only child who they named James. They showered James with love throughout his first years. He was always a happy baby, so long as he was near his parents. Although his parents were no longer “rich,” they still gave James nearly anything that he wanted. He was spoiled rotten, even more so since he was an only child.

Since Franklin and Delaina valued education, it was only right that James strived for the best. Delaina began teaching James at a young age, hoping to see signs of magic. He easily showed signs only a few months after the age of three. When he was old enough, he received his letter to Hogwarts. He arrived at Hogwarts, and upon being sorted, the hat was torn between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. James didn’t particularly care which, but the hat decided upon Slytherin, to his surprise. Considering he wasn’t a pureblood, his life in Slytherin wasn’t exactly great. Although other in his house thought it crazy to like a muggle so much, James idolized his father. Hogwarts was great, but school was absolutely nothing compared to the stories that Franklin told James when he was home. He told James of his days in the Navy, sailing on the water. James had never been on a ship, so he was highly interested in the idea. He knew that he wanted to be just like his father when he grew up, magic or no magic.

When James was twelve, just after he’d finished his first year, his father was killed when on a fishing trip with James, leaving him the “man of the house.” Although he had always loved both of his parents, his heart had always been with his father; it felt as though he died along with Franklin. Delaina fell into a deep depression as well, shutting everyone out, including her son. James was left to fend for himself when he was home from Hogwarts, as well as take care of his sick mother. He made sure to come home on all holidays to make sure that his mother wasn’t dead or starving herself. The quiet, introverted boy transformed into a child filled with resentment. He resented his mother for not taking care of her son, and he hated his father for leaving him all alone. And it was true – James was alone after his father’s death. As he grew into a young man, nothing really changed. His mother began to drink her pain away, relying on James for leverage. She had lost her only love and didn’t care much for James anymore. She even partially blamed him for Franklin’s death.

James graduated from Hogwarts with high grades. There was no doubt that he was intelligent. Straight out of Hogwarts, he went into the Royal Navy, leaving his mother to fend for herself. He didn’t think of her, but only himself now. He focused on what he wanted. Gradually, he moved up in ranks, eventually becoming a Captain, like his father had been. Sailing made James feel free and alive again, unlike any magic could ever do, but the power of being a captain also corrupted his mind. He loved the power of being in charge, and he often took advantage of the fact. He could finally do and say anything; he could put himself first and it felt amazing. No one would tease him for anything because most of them were below him. James even found that he had an incredible way of convincing people to do what he wanted. On his journey, he found his love for women. Although there were few at sea, when he had a chance, he went for any beautiful women that crossed his path, often succeeding in these attempts. In this time, James also met Smee, his one and only friend and often referred to as his “right hand man.” He never really had friends, so he took caution to trust the man at first. He eventually grew to trust and like Smee, although James tried to play it off as though he didn’t really like him.

After ten years in the Navy, James was forced to retire due to a hand injury. He lost nearly half of the mobility in his left hand because of damage caused by a young trainee. Not even magic could fix the damage in time. He hadn’t liked James’s ways of captaining his ship, and challenged his authority. Now, James is back in England, trying to live his life to the fullest. He has revenge on his mind every day, and he plans to repent his loss, no matter what the cost. With no hope of returning to the Royal Navy, James began to study to become a professor. After a year, he put in for the position of History of Magic professor, seeing that he had no other decent options left. Teaching had always been his back-up plan – his mother had been a Hogwarts Professor before his father passed. Upon returning home, James found that his mother had died a few months ago. He now lives in Godric’s Hollow when he isn’t at Hogwarts teaching.

Name: Benjamin isn’t Hook’s middle name in Peter Pan. It’s actually James Bartholomew Hook, but I changed it to another B name because I felt like Benjamin better connected to the current time period.

The Sea: I thought that incorporating a love for the sea would show some sort of relationship to Captain Hook, even though he’s a wizard. I figured that all wizards likely do not go on the same path, so I created a different one for James to follow. Being in the Navy corresponds to his father and the injury of his hand, which has left him bitter, the same as Captain Hook when he lost his hand.

The Desire: James’s need to control everything also stems from his canon. Captain Hook constantly yelled at his mates and he was always the head, so the power often got to him.

The hand: Okay, so obviously Captain Hook loses his hand because of Peter Pan. James lost most of the function in his hand, but he still has it intact. I made it so that it was the fault of a fellow who didn’t like the way he captained. In a perfect world, that would be Peter, but it doesn’t have to be. Either way, it’s left him bitter and easy to make enemies.

The Patronus: According to the internet, the snow leopard is powerful and sharp. People underestimate the snow leopard until they strike.

Cierra, Central timezone, none yet

 Posted: Apr 3 2015, 04:18 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
This was a very interesting take on the character, and I like seeing a wizard who tried to go into muggledom first. Go ahead and do your claims and after they've been fixed he'll be moved into the proper member group. I'm excited to see how he fits in! :D
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