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jason todd
 Posted: Apr 4 2015, 05:35 PM
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Jason P Todd

Jason Peter Todd



canon character:
Jason Todd


blood status:

member group:
Gryffindor, 7th Year


Ebony, Phoenix Feather, 10 3/4 inches

Red Tailed Hawk

face claim:
Luke Bilyk

Jason is an aggressive individual, who tends to lose control of his temper. Although at times Jason appears to be uncaring about everything and everyone except himself, the ill-tempered seventh-year actually has a big heart. Jason’s confidence is often mistaken for arrogance, while true at times, most of the time he has reason to be confident about himself. One thing to keep in mind while in his presence, is to never insult him or his friend. Jason believes in delivering justice and revenge in a similar manner that the offense was originally dealt.

School isn’t Jason’s top priority, he's not the most academically responsible. But make no mistake, Jason is not allowed to fail. He is forced to turn in his assignments much to his chagrin. Being a care-free loose kind of guy is the image Jason tries to establish. Attempting to stay on top of ‘Food-chain’ Jason makes a habit on teasing students he sees as nerds or geeks. Even though he is considered a rough character to most people, Jason isn’t a bad guy once you’re on his good side.

Jason was born in Boston, and raised there by his half-blood father, Willis Todd and his muggle mother, Catherine Todd, until the age of 10. Jason’s parents debated about where to raise the boy when he was born, but eventually came to the agreement to raise him in the muggle world, with no knowledge of magic.

Unfortunately, by Jason’s sixth birthday, the Todd family was very poor and in debt. As a result, Willis Todd had joined a criminal crew to make enough money to provide for his family, after-hours. Using his magic subtly and efficiently, Willis secured his position in his new crew, and made them very successful.

After a year of successful crime, the crew had hit a tough spot and was losing money fast. As a result, a plan was formed to capture a cargo ship carrying art pieces, bound for the Boston Museum of Fine Art, which was docked at a local harbor. The heist ran smoothly, but the crew failed to realize that a silent alarm had been set off. Authorities rapidly arrived and surrounded the harbor, and after a 13 hour standoff, the situation had become a war-zone. Casualties at the end of the conflict were immense, with 12 civilians, 23 criminals, and 10 officers killed. One of which was Jason’s father, who was killed by a bullet to the back of the head, not from an officer, but from a member of his crew. Willis had planned on grabbing whatever valuables he could hold, and abandoning his crew, use whatever magic he could to cover his escape, return to his family, and flee the city. Unfortunately, he had been caught by a member of his crew, and was shot before he had time to respond to the threat.

That year that Jason lost his father was the worst of his young life. Being under immense stress and grief, Catherine, Jason’s mother, had gotten into drugs very habitually. Her addiction had gotten to the point where Jason was forced to pick pocket for anything valuable to provide for his mother. After a couple years of pickpocketing, he had moved onto stealing car parts from parked vehicles.

Even though Catherine loved Jason, she had lost all her sanity to drugs. Catherine wasted most the money Jason brought home on drugs. Sadly, she overdosed when Jason was nine.

It was one of the duties of the Magical Congress of the United States of America, to locate witch and wizard orphans, and have them relocated to an orphanage. Jason was informed of his fathers heritage, by the Magical Congress, and relocated to an orphanage in Gotham where he was teased by other wizarding children. When Jason had reached the age of 10, he could attend the Raven Spirit Magical Academy, and as the law required, was loaned a wand by the Academy, which he was supposed to return at the end of the school year.

During his first semester attending the Academy, Jason was harassed and bullied. He fled the school at the beginning of winter break, amongst the chaos of other students rushing to leave school and be united with their families, in an attempt to return to Boston. However, after weeks of hitch hiking and smuggling himself on trains, he had returned to Gotham. Because he had been traveling so long, Jason decided to make himself a home in an abandoned apartment complex and used his strategy of stealing car parts and pickpocketing to survive in his new environment, before continuing his journey to Boston.

One night when Jason was out scavenging parts, when he saw a shiny black Bugatti, although Jason knew it would be a risk, he knew that a score of parts from a high-class car could sell for a lot more than the middle-class stock cars he normally ripped off. Jason managed to pull some engine parts and two of the tires before being caught by Bruce Wayne. In an attempt to escape, Jason dropped his gear and collected parts in an attempt to escape, He reached for his wand,however,he tripped backwards when attempting to take a step back. Bruce saw the potential in the young untrained wizard, a potential for either good or bad, depending on his influences. Deciding to take the boy in himself, Bruce offered to take Jason to his home to talk to the boy about his future.

Packing what little things he had, Jason agreed to travel with Bruce to London. Upon arriving, they headed directly to Wayne Manor. It was at the Manor, that Bruce made the offer to Jason. The offer on the table, was to either attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry the next school year, or stay in Gotham where Bruce had found him. Although Jason was skeptical at first, he eventually agreed to go to Hogwarts.

Jason waited through the last semester to end, while at Wayne Manor. He spent the months at the Manor with only the Wayne household staff, as Bruce had returned to Hogwarts. When Bruce did visit the Manor however, he would train Jason, not only in the basic magic lessons he had been missing as a first year, but also to take-up the mantle of Robin.

When the second semester ended, Jason was finally introduced to Richard John Grayson, Jason hadn’t had someone like Dick, who he could talk to, in a long time. He seemed like a nice guy, and Jason liked him. For Jason’s 12th birthday, which was three weeks after the end of the school year, Bruce took Dick and Jason to Diagon Alley to celebrate. As a special birthday surprise, Bruce took Jason to Olivanders wand shop to get him his own personal wand. That day was the day Jason got a Ebony wand with a Phoenix feather core. Its length stretched to 10 3/4 inches, and the wand itself seemed reasonably supple and felt somewhat weighted in comparison to the loaner wand Jason had stolen from Raven Spirit Academy.

When the summer had ended, it was finally time to go to Hogwarts. Although it may have been exciting to most, the butterflies in Jason’s stomach were not from the anticipation of his first time going to the school, but from fear and anger he had held onto from his time at Raven Spirit. Upon arrival to Hogwarts, he like theater students, was sorted into one of the four houses. Jason became a Gryffindor that night.

Jason had feared the worst when he started at the new school, but people were surprisingly nice. However, he had the misfortune of running into a few bullies once in a while. When this happened, he would dwell on the past of before he met Bruce, and he would close everyone out except Bruce and Dick. as the years passed, he focused on his studies, made a few friends, and even socialized with some of the students of different ages. Good things may have happened while at Hogwarts, but he also had an issue of getting picked on by bullies. it had become worse the second year he attended the school, which was third for most students. Jason had eventually started even shutting out Dick, and feeling jealous of him for the affection he got from Bruce.

It was in the middle of his third year at Hogwarts that Jason snapped, while being picked-on by three sixth year bullies, Jason decided to fight back. He used the skills he’d learned from Bruce and the beating he gave those bullies sent a message to anyone who saw him as the bottom of the food chain. After that incident, everyone who had picked on him, would not mess with him or even look his way. Jason was reprimanded for fighting and was punished with the chore of cleaning bathrooms for the rest of the year. Eventually he lost most of his friends, except for a close few, and lost his enthusiasm for school

Jason’s personality is generally the same, he still feels the same way about other members of the BatFamily as he does in the canon storylines. Although This origin story varies from the canon story, it affects him in a similar manner. Jason still seeks revenge on people who hurt him, and tries to win Bruce’s affection.

The wand was chosen because the ebony wood is given to those with great power. Phoenix feather is best suited to those with untapped potential.

The red tailed hawk was chosen as his patronus for their cunning, hunting and survival drive, and loyalty, as the hawks mate for life in the wild.

Jason was put into Gryffindor because of a buried loyalty. Though he tends to act as a Slytherin and does possess that ambition and cunning, Jason has shown that his bold and brash nature do belong in the house of the lion.

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 Posted: Apr 7 2015, 12:09 AM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
Looks good, bro! Really good work! Especially for your first character on a RPG site. Can't wait to have Jason in the fam!

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