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 PASSINGER, william thomas, piglet | d. everett | joy
will passinger
 Posted: Apr 5 2015, 03:45 AM
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william t. passinger !

william thomas passinger



canon character:

winnie the pooh

blood status:
muggle born

member group:
hufflepuff sixth year


willow, unicorn hair, eleven inches

fennec fox

face claim:
dylan everett


To describe Will in one word: n-nervous. He was always quite anxious, even as a little boy. It took him longer than most to start talking, and once he did, he was so shy he could hardly tell a stranger what his name was. He developed a sort of s-s-stutter, much to the dismay of his parents. They put him through speech therapy throughout elementary school but he could never shake it. In fact, some days he’d come home stuttering more than usual. The pressure his parents put on him to speak normally was too much some days, and he tried. He really did. But it was never enough. As he grew older, he became more and more aware of the stutter, even self-conscious about it. Will was always shy, but he became increasingly more introverted as he learned that he’d be better off to not speak at all.

In his first few years of school, he was always very kind, but he was p-p-picked for this speech impediment by his peers. He might have had one or two close friends throughout his entire muggle-school experience, but he was always loyal, and they were his protectors. Even still, most days it was difficult for him to go to school and face the constant ridicule. He was generally too nervous to even go outside during recess.

But school was still better than home. His older brother, Peter, was another source of constant ridicule, and there wasn’t really anyone to protect him if their parents weren’t around. That was supposed to be Peter’s job, but he was the worst bully of all. He resented Will, most likely because he had inherited the family name, William Passinger, when that honor was meant to go to the f-f-first-born son. As the oldest, Peter was also meant to eventually inherit the family’s orchard, but their grandfather had given clear instructions that it should go with the namesake.

So Will became a small object to absorb Peter’s jealousy, and he didn’t take it well. Peter was just one more reason for Will to be anxious throughout his young life. He had to be c-careful about talking around his brother. It was that or face all the harsh words about how he didn’t deserve what he got; he couldn’t even talk right. So once again, Will learned that he’d be better off to not speak at all.

Although his family relationships weren’t always the best, Will loved living on the farm. While the orchards housed several varieties of apricots, apples, and pears, he always especially loved the p-peaches. He spent much of his time learning how to prune and properly care for each tree, and he enjoyed spending warm days lounging in their shade, snacking on fruits that had fallen to the ground. It was relaxing and lifted some of his anxiety, even for a few moments. His grandfather always joked that whichever tree Will picked as his favorite for that season would yield the best fruit, but little did they know of the truth behind this observation. It was actually early signs of his magical abilities, but his muggle family had no idea until his Hogwarts letter came.

His parents were thrilled. Peter was slightly annoyed at yet another reason for Will to be the favorite. But Will himself was, well, t-t-terrified. He’d always wanted to be average, quietly slipping out of notice. But that was something he’d never been very good at. And going to Hogwarts was difficult at first. He was so anxious the first few weeks. He didn’t know exactly what to expect going into this new school, he had no friends, and he barely spoke to avoid being picked on for his stutter.

It took a long while for Will to make any friends at all, but he eventually realized why he was placed in Hufflepuff house - there were so many other young witches and wizards who were just like him. He opened up to a select few, but through them, he learned how to be a fiercely loyal friend. He was always kind as can be, even to people he didn’t know. Though he’s still quiet and tends to be shy, he tries to make new friends when he can. He’s never really developed the courage that he so admires Gryffindor house for, but sometimes he get taken along on adventures. Though he never really wants to go, he tries to make his friends happy and help them out in their quests if he can. He does get nervous at times like these, of course, and sometimes he feels like his friends could be a little more sensible in their adventures, but it always turns out alright, so he's happy.


name.Piglet has a sign outside of his house that simply reads “trespassers will.” He says that this was his grandfather’s name, which was short for Trespassers William. Hence his name is William Passinger.

wand.Willow wands are associated with wizards who have an aptitude for healing as well as those who are insecure and have the greatest potential for change. This fits Will, who's healing powers were demonstrated from a young age when he so easily helped the trees to grow. Furthermore, Piglet himself has very nurturing tendencies. He always wants to help those he cares about in any way he can. The unicorn core of his wand symbolizes purity of heart, and this core is known to have strong ties to it's first owner. Piglet is a kind and pure character, as well as fiercely loyal not only to his home, but to his friends. Will follows this pattern as well.

patronus.Fennec foxes are very small animals with large ears, like Piglet himself. They are known for being very shy creatures, but also quite kind and a little playful when they're in comfortable environments.

stutter.Of course, Piglet's most recognizable trait is his stutter. I chose to keep this as a major part of his character because it's such an important part of who Piglet is. I made it equally important for Will, since it makes up such a large part of how he grew up.

origins.Will's upbringing on the Passinger family orchard is significant because Piglet's home is a beech tree (which rhymes with peach *cough*), and I like the idea of Will feeling very comfortable in the shade of a tree. That's where he goes when he's feeling anxious or upset because it reminds him of the most comforting parts of being back home; the fresh peaches and the cool autumn breezes that brought their scent over the tree tops.

joy , mst, none

 Posted: Apr 6 2015, 06:46 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
He's just absolutely precious. I want to squeeze his little face and cuddle the hell out of him. Welcome to the site and congrats on such a fantastic first foray into things! As soon as your claims are finished he'll be sorted into his member group and you'll be free to start posting! =D
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