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 HAMMOND, brayden maddox, baymax | a. stidham | mella
brayden hammond
 Posted: Apr 6 2015, 12:22 AM
Mella • 7
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big hero 6
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brayden m hammond

brayden maddox hammond



canon character:

big hero 6

blood status:

member group:
hogwarts staff/adult magic folk


cypress, unicorn hair, 10 1/4 inches

podgy spotted cat

face claim:
Ari Stidham


Brayden is very curious. He loves to tinker with things just to see how they tick. Through school, his curiosity nearly got him in trouble a couple times (apparently taking apart the suits of armor in a hallway no one used is frowned upon).

Outside of that one little mishap, Brayden is known for his undying kindness. He can see the good in everyone, no matter how dark they may be. He could make the tragedy mask smile if he tried hard enough.

Along with his kindness, Brayden cares deeply for everyone. He always wants to make sure that people are okay, that no one is hurt, and that everyone is happy. He feels like it is job to make people happy.

Now, as big and squishy and huggable Brayden may seem from all of that, he will fight if need be. It goes against much of what he holds near and dear to him, so he will stop others, but he will never intentionally hurt someone.

Brayden was born to two loving parents, both healers at St. Mungo's. Brayden doesn't have many memories of his mother though, since she fell ill and passed on soon after his first birthday.

Sad as it was, Brayden's dad was still every bit of a father as before. He would take little Brady into work most days, either letting him color in outdated medical journals in his office or playing at the nurse's station.

Little did his father know that around the age of three, Brayden was actually reading what the medical journals said...and then colored over them. But he took in information like a sponge. He'd read everything and anything, and by the age of five, he knew he wanted to be a healer, just like his dad.

Age five was also the time everyone found out that Brayden was magical. It was expected, but there was still the skin chance of being a Squib. All doubts of that were squelched when Brayden made q-tips dance across the table into the canister.

Brady's letter came for Hogwarts the summer of his eleventh birthday. Never had Brady been so excited. There was a flurry of activity of going to Diagon Alley, getting a wand, robes, and a pet cat (which he named Mochi), before getting on the train to Hogwarts.

The Sorting Hat took a long time deciding what house he would be in. He had the vast intelligence that would make him a perfect Ravenclaw, but his caring was just as big. It was a huge toss up, but the hat proclaimed him Hufflepuff.

For a while Brayden thought there had been some sort of mistake. He was always 'nerding' out. He had never really been exposed to idioms or exaggerations. It was always clinical. But that changed as soon as Brayden won almost one hundred points for Hufflepuff in a debate team challenge. They had also made the mistake of saying his middle name instead of his last for the awards. So he became Baymax.

Baymax graduated from Hogwarts with flying colors, and went to do what he said he was going to twelve years ago. He studied and studied and became a healer, working alongside his dad for years.

Until recently that is. A position at Hogwarts opened up, and as much as Baymax loved working at St. Mungo's and living in London, his other home had always been Hogwarts. The rest is history...

Name Shenanigans: So I split Baymax's name up. Braydon can be shortened to Bradey, usually (actually have a friend who goes by that), but we have all had at some point been dealt the adult-y 'first name middle name, you're-in-trouble' card, and both the first and middle of this huggable guy will sound an awful lot like Baymax if said fast enough. Hammond is a nod to Hamada, the last name of Tadashi, Baymax's inventor.

Playby: Somehow we got on the topic of BH6 in the cbox, and I was thinking of playbys for anyone and anything, and Baymax came up. Ari Stidham is a bigger guy, and his character Sylvester on "Scorpion" is the biggest sweetheart imaginable (and genius level smart), so he was my choice. He also looks like a guy who would ask what's wrong and find a way to make it better.

Wand: Okay, Cypress is known to be for those that are brave, bold, and self-sacrificing. Baymax canon-ly is not known for those first two, but you'd have to be some sort of brave to be okay with protecting those you are caring for. Self-sacrificing is *content left out because very spoilery* also Baymax. Wand core is unicorn hair, since it is very difficult to turn to dark arts, and it just makes me think of incorruptible, and even though there was a dark moment in BH6, Baymax came back and was the pure, big loveable marshmallow he is.

History: Raised by only father is a parallel to Tadashi being Baymax's creator in the movie. He's a Hufflepuff in personality, so that's what he was in school. He's pretty much always been into healthcare, and I left out his bad moment, since it can be a future plot. Also made it so Tadashi isn't his creator in case other members would like to be him. And Mochi is Mochi.

Mella, Pacific, Liam, Arya, Damian, Kate, Landon, & Kakashi

 Posted: Apr 6 2015, 06:01 PM
chanteuse • 156
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
I adore this app!! You did such a great job with it, you stayed true to Baymax's marshmallow self with the playby - who is a cutie patootie, I must say! Overall an excellent application. It makes me want to make a BH6 character but I need to slow down xD As soon as your claims are done he'll be changed over~
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