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 ROLFE, Rebecca Virginia, pocahontas | q. kilcher | skye
rebecca rolfe
 Posted: Apr 6 2015, 12:26 AM
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rebecca v rolfe

rebecca virginia rolfe


Becca, Poca - Close friends

canon character:


blood status:

member group:
Sixth Year - Gryffindor


hornbeam, phoenix feather, 10"


face claim:
Q'orianka Kilcher

list all that apply.

noble. brave. loyal. passionate. wise. nature lover.

Becca is a free spirit, she goes where the wind takes her, and she sees nothing wrong in doing so. She believes in magic in nature, and herbology is her favorite, and best subject by far. She's wise beyond her years not only in book smarts but in general life circumstances. She is known to offer her kindness and guidance to anyone who needs it. Also known to be the best friend to have she is very brave and loyal to those she loves and cares for. She will never turn her back on a friend, regardless of the situation at hand she will bravely stand beside whoever needs her. Friendship is key. She's very adaptable, and able to quickly catch on to the task at hand, like a flower growing through concrete she flourishes in tough situations. Rebecca is always very determined, which goes along with how well she adapts to different situations. She's very proud, proud of who she is and where she comes from. Rarely known to second guess herself, she truly believes that listening to her own heart will guide her onto the right path. She has faith that she has full control of the events in her life. Becca is not afraid to go after what she wants, even if someone isn't supposed to see it.

Her past is a complicated one. She was born into and raised in the muggle world. Her family had to be precieved as normal, since her father was hell bent on protecting her from the world that destroyed her mother.

At a very young age, her mother passed leaving her father to raise her and teach her right from wrong. As well as all there was about the Wizarding world around them. Due to his fear of losing Becca the same way he lost his wife, he pulled them both from the world he knew to have her grow up in the muggle world. He wanted to her to be plain, to be ordinary and to be safe.

Growing up she knew her life was much more than ordinary. What else could explain the magical feeling that hung in the air around her? The way that things moved on their own, or even flew without reason. Her father could not hide from her for long that she was no ordinary person. And she felt truly inside like no normal person would. When magical things in her life happened, she felt the presence of her mother. She has always associated magic with her mother, and always will. Magic makes her feel at home, and at peace with not having another role model in life.

She was beyond ecstatic when her letter from Hogwarts came. That was when she truly knew her place in the world. It was a new and exciting time and she came to know and love the world she was hidden from as a child. Becca blossomed once she attended the school. She felt a sincere sense of pride when she was sorted into Gryffindor. It was a strange and almost terrifying first night away from home and away from all she knew. But she was quick to adapt to her new home, and knew that the wizarding world was where she belonged. Her father could not help but feel bad for keeping her away from the world she belonged in her whole life. Especially after seeing her flourish once her first year at Hogwarts was over.

In her last 5 years, she's been quite the impressive student. She's timely, she's smart. She tries her hardest in each new thing she does.

My playby choice was actually suggested to me by a few members prior to creating her. She played Pocahontas as a character, so the face already goes with the persona which is great. I wanted a face to match the character rather well, so I'm happy with the play by I've chosen. Her name reflects who she was in lore -- the name she took after converting to Christianity and her married last name. Her middle name comes from the place of origin of her known tribe in Virginia. I've kept her personality rather close to anything I've read or know about what type of person she was. Rebecca Rolfe is the name Pocahontas took after converting to Christianity, and getting married. Pocahontas is originally from Virginia, which is where her middle name comes from. Her father wants whats best for her, and protects her from the world which took her mother, and once in that world she flourishes.

skye , est, none

 Posted: Apr 6 2015, 06:48 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
She's positively lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing her here - I'm really looking forward to her reaction to the second task, which shows the beauty and power in nature. There's also a Beltane celebration happening during that event. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we'll do our best to address them fully. Welcome to the site! As soon as the claims are done she'll be sorted and you can start posting ^__^
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